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About theory of relativity, quantum mechanics and string theory
2015-01-27 13:41 | | comments - 0science
Some time ago I decided join to certain "special" community and get acquainted with string theory.
The first attempt to explore that material was unsuccessful. To understand string theory, should be familiar with the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics (I had some knowledge about the subject, but I felt the need to update).
After selecting the appropriate moment, I began to study the material. The main problem was that the material was a lot and it is not easy to digest. Notwithstanding the foregoing, I read all with interest (this is just like a detective novel, unexpected developments at the beginning of each chapter).
I think that the material is very interesting and useful (in terms of overall development). I strongly recommend everyone to find time and strength though, would be briefly acquainted with the material.
I recommend familiar with the material in the following sequence:
  1. Special relativity
  2. General relativity
  3. Quantum mechanics
  4. String theory

Happy reading and take care of your brain.
physics research
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