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2015-01-17 00:09 | | comments - 0other
I'm, Kyrylo Kovalenko, engaged in the development and implementation of various solutions for large and medium-sized businesses (mainly banks and large retail organizations).

Specializes on planning/budgeting systems, Business Intelligence (BI) systems, statistic analysis systems, data storage systems and other conjugated systems (web development, windows applications development, etc.). Also has experience in providing training (i. e. teaching).

At the moment, there is experience using in real projects, following products and technologies:
1. Products: Cognos BI, Cognos TM1, Cognos Planning, SAS DIS, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Marketing Automation, Sybase PowerDesigner;
2. Databases: MS SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase IQ;
3. Programming: PHP, C#, JavaScript, SQL;

Also, in private order, I have some knowledge about:
1. 3D CG: Autodesk Maya;
2. Programming: C/C++, Delphi (Turbo Pascal), Assembler;

I have a bachelor's degree (computer-science) and several certificates (2 х Cognos BI [1-st, 2-nd], 1 х SAS Base Programming).

My eMail - owner@k-kovalenko.com.
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