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Section is devoted to my public work.
Unfortunately, at the moment, there are not many works that I can publish. But I hope that I will find time and money to implement their ideas, and this section will slowly replenish.
EVE Online Mining Calculator
2015-01-17 00:09 | | comments - 0development
Release year: 2013
Year of last update: 2014
Version: 1.0.1

Architecture: 32-bit
Language: English
System requirements:
- Windows XP and older
- .NET Framework 2.0

A utility designed for calculating profitability of mining ore in the game EVE Online.
All coefficients, used in the calculations, are available for editing by the user.

By the opening of own blog, removed the need for registration of each run.

Currently, the program has wrong basic coefficients and processing blocks. But at the moment, I have no way to fix it. If someone could send me a XML configuration with the correct coefficients, then I will add them to the program.

Download EXE: Mining Calculator
Download ZIP: Mining Calculator.zip
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