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Section is devoted to articles in question/answer format. Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions to me (and questions, the answers to which, I think it necessary to publish).
In general, ask questions, I will answer as much as possible.
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2015-01-17 00:09 | | comments - 0development
1. Why do you need your own website, if there is a bunch of services like LiveJournal and social networks?
LiveJournal and other services (including social networks) have their own rules of publication materials, thus imposing some restrictions.
On the other side, all published materials (in most cases) become the property of the service (according to the user agreement, which you have to agree), that does not suit me.
Plus, in most cases, users have very limited service management tools (ranging from design tools to user ban system).

2. Why invent the wheel by creating its own engine, if you can freely use the ready-made solutions such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.?
I originally intended to use ready-made CMS (domain has been registered for a few years before the launch of the site), but faced with some difficulties, I changed my mind and decided to write a website from scratch. Also, ready CMS has certain limitations, and I have developed a system which has absolutely all the features which I need (and without crutches).

3. What ready libraries and components used by site engine?
JavaScript: jQuery, jQuery MD5 Plugin;

4. What development tools (IDE) used for create this site?

5. The site is used too complicated CAPTCHA, whether it is possible use another CAPTCHA generator, more easier?
Virtually all ready CAPTCHA solution (reviewed by me) have are ready recognition algorithms (includes program modules), that does not suit me. So I decided to write my own algorithm for generating CAPTCHA and currently it I was completely satisfied. Maybe, in future, I'll rework CAPTCHA algorithm and make its more readable.A little hint: the algorithm generates only the characters of the alphabet (A-Z) without numbers, character case is not important.

6. How much time was spent on the development of the site?
Hard for me to evaluate the actual time spent on the development, i.e. mostly works were carried out in the free (from main work) time, but if roughly, about 3 months of net working time.

7. Why you make English version of site? You have hoped that the English-speaking users will be here? And your English, frankly, is not good.
The English version of the site is made mostly for me. I have some problems with the study of English, and I think that writing articles in English will help me learn it better.

8. On my smartphone site looks frankly bad, why you do not make a mobile version of the site?
At the core of the system is have the possibility of displaying the mobile version of the site, but not implemented the rendering mechanism. Perhaps, if I'll have time, in the future, I'll make mobile version of the site.

9. In the title says this is a site about information technology, but I see article about [for example, about cars], that for the mess?
This website is my blog, respectively here will appear all materials that interest for me (except politics). Since I'm primarily a information technology professional, then most of the articles will be appropriate subjects. Therefore, the site has this title.

10. I do not like to read, I like to watch and listen to, you will make the videos of own production?
In a number of reasons, the probability of occurrence of videos of own production, is extremely low. But never say never.

11. I found a bug on the site and now I can't sleep, what should I do?
It is best decision, go to this article and briefly describe the error in the comment.
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