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Site launch!
2015-01-17 00:00 | | comments - 0development
So, for me (and not only for me), came a solemn moment and I can announce the launch of my own blog!
Some time ago, I thought, that I already have enough experience and knowledge, which I can share with the community, and at that moment I decided that I need to build my own website..

Initially, I had no desire to develop from scratch, and I decided that a modern CMS (Content Management System) must fully satisfy me. A little after consulting with my colleagues, choose fell on WordPress. But the disappointment was not long in coming. After I calculate how much time do I need for redesign all (overwrite a stylesheet) and write modules with the missing functionality, I concluded that develop from scratch will take not much more time (plus, in the context of WordPress, all accompanied by a constant update versions, the additional cost of server resources, persistent reports of vulnerabilities found, and so on). Plus, since that my development, I, as a bonus, get a fully licensed independent and absolute flexibility (in own system, if necessary, I can add virtually any functional at relatively low cost).

What I plan to fill my blog? Basically it will be materials interesting for me with my comments, plus articles of my own production.

In general, periodically visit my blog, might you find something interesting!
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